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With SEO, everything begins with a search on Google. There are two kinds of search: organic and local. The main difference between an organic and a local search is that local searches have a geographical component in the keyword. This means that the user searches for a specific product, service or industry together with a targeted location. For example:

shoe shop (Organic SEO)


shoe shop edinburgh (Local SEO)

All the links that appear at the top of Google’s first page when you type in ‘shoe shop edinburgh’ are the localised results. The links below are the organic results.

The Growing Demand for Local SEO

A local SEO search gives small and medium local businesses a level playing field with the big corporations competing in the same area. These bigger businesses often don’t have a fixed location incorporated in the searched name. Therefore, locality is what you, as a small or medium business, can capitalise on to appear higher on the same search. With local SEO, you can:

  • increase foot traffic
  • reach people who are ready to purchase
  • target your local audience and reach new ones at the same time
  • strengthen your online reputation
  • be found by customers through mobile devices
  • increase website and social media traffic in a short span of time
  • build brand awareness and trust online
  • boost sales

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